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Aluminum Extrusion in the Hotel Industry

In the world of architecture, design is always ever-evolving. Contemporary and modern design is clean with straight lines, utilizing minimalism and materials like metal, wood, plastic, and glass. Of the two, contemporary design encompasses the present and future with elements that push the boundaries of design. Often modern and contemporary design styles are used in hotels and commercial buildings.

Aluminum extrusions can be used as a metal component in architectural design for lighting fixtures, stairs, artistic and visual elements, and furniture (indoor and outdoor). In the hotel and commercial building construction, aluminum extrusions are an ideal material to use, specifically for their lightweight and durable qualities. Other benefits of this material include:

  • Ease of construction on-site
  • Can withstand outdoor elements 
  • Adaptable to changing design
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Mixes well with other materials

Particularly for hotel construction, aluminum extrusions can be used in multiple applications to achieve a desired aesthetic throughout the building. From rooms and lobbies to maintenance and cleaning facilities, hotels can use t-slotted aluminum extrusions for many applications. Most importantly, hotels can maximize their long-term profits with t-slotted aluminum as it does not rust, easily bend, or break, so replacement occurs less. 

Aluminum extrusions with Parco come in both the aluminum (silver) color or black anodized. T-slotted aluminum extrusions also can be smooth-faced or grooved depending on the solution. We offer a wide selection of panels, such as wire mesh, ABS, Acrylic, Alumalite, and more.   

In addition to our aluminum extrusion profiles, we have accessories to make the solution as functional as possible and hardware to make assembly quick and easy. T-slot requires no special tools for assembly, and unlike steel, aluminum extrusions don’t need to be welded.

With our CAD software, we can create any solution and then construct it and deliver it ready for installation, or you can assemble it on-site. Regardless of the number of units, you may require, we have the capabilities to create as many solutions as you need.

To learn more about how Parco can create, construct, and deliver solutions for your next hotel or commercial building construction, contact us today.


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