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Aluminum Extrusions and Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens are set up within the restaurant industry to make cooking food and processes quick and safe. From freezer and pantry storage to carts and workstations, aluminum extrusions can offer a variety of solutions.

No matter the layout, t-slotted aluminum gives you the ability to create a space that can flow, be safe, and ultimately is easy to use. Aluminum extrusions can be used in extreme temperatures and are anticorrosive. For these reasons, solutions are easy to wipe down with proper cleaning sprays, won’t melt, or rust. Various aluminum extrusion solutions are:

  • Plating and warming/expo stations 
  • Utility carts for transporting bulk food
  • Shelving for dish and utensils
  • Wash station with built-in sprayers 
  • Freezer/pantry shelving
  • Tables for drink machines 

Outside the Kitchen

Most restaurants participate in pop-up services for special occasions or have booths at farmer’s markets. Aluminum extrusions are a great choice for partial enclosures or displays. Sturdy, weatherproof, and ease of assembling and dissembling are just a few reasons that t-slotted aluminum is a preferred choice for events. 

Another solution for outside the kitchen, is behind bars and on patios. Behind the bar, aluminum extrusions can be used for:

  • Frame and house wine and beer coolers 
  • Utility sink cabinets and ice tubs
  • Shelving for liquor   

For restaurants that offer outdoor dining, aluminum extrusions can be used to create patio tables, couches, chairs, and more. No matter the design or theme of the restaurant, aluminum extrusions provide a modern, clean style. T-slotted aluminum comes in the traditional aluminum or black anodized. 

Let Parco Help You

At Parco, we can help customize an existing industrial kitchen or help you design a new one. We offer free design advice and CAD software to help create a 3D model of the solutions you need before constructing anything. 

We also offer pre-engineered solutions if you need something quickly to replace a pre-existing cart, table, etc.

A great characteristic of aluminum extrusions is their modularity. If a space should change, t-slotted aluminum can either grow with the space with a few additions. It can also be disassembled and have pieces removed to accommodate and create a new solution.

Call us today to learn more about aluminum extrusions and how you can use them in your industrial kitchen or restaurant. 



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