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Parco’s American-made t-slot aluminum extrusions are 100% compatible with 80/20 aluminum, T-Slots, Faztek and many more.



Understanding Aluminum Profiles Types

Profiles come in multiple sizes and types. At Parco, we provide both fractional and metric profiles.

Fractional: 10 and 15 Series (Smooth and Grooved) in stock lengths of 240 in, 120 in, 92in, or cut to length

Metric: 30, 40, and 45 Series (Smooth) 2300mm, 3048mm, 6000mm, or cut to length

Our structural aluminum extrusions for the 10 and 15 Series include 1”x 1”, 1”x 1” QR, 1”x 2”, 1”x 3”, 2”x 2”, and 2”x 4”. For the 10 Series, the t-slots have .255” slot widths and are modular to each other. They are compatible with slot 6. 

When utilizing our accessories, you will find that you can build a complete structure with the 10 Series and if needed, transition it to our 15 Series. The inside radius of the 10 Series t-slot design is .125”, making it easier to drop-in T-nuts. 

The 15 Series ranges from 1.5”x 1.5” to 3”x 6”. The 15 Series t-slots have .322” slot widths and are modular to each other. They are compatible with slot 8. Just like the 10 Series, the 15 Series accessories can be transitioned to a 10 Series if needed. For the 15 Series, the t-slot design has an inside radius of .187” 

For metric profiles, they are measured in millimeters: 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 60mm. The 30mm and 40mm have an 8mm slot, and the 45mm and 60 mm has a 10mm slot. 

Single Profiles

This profile is used often to configure machine guards, enclosures, carts, and workstations. These profiles have channels on all four sides offering multiple design capabilities. Unlike closed profiles, singles are open for various mounting options and components.

Double, Triple, and Quad Profiles 

Doubles are also used for solutions such as machine guards, enclosures, carts, etc. Doubles as well as triple, and quad profiles are used for large structural applications, such as beams and posts in enclosures. These profiles provide six to twelve open t-slots for connecting fittings, components, and accessories. 

Structural Extrusion Makeup

For most all structural or architectural aluminum extrusion, its makeup will be that of the 6000 series aluminum alloy. This alloy has: 

Moderate strength 

Extremely versatile 

Highly formable 

Corrosion resistant 

Parco’s aluminum alloy is the 6063 T6 aluminum alloy. This alloy’s major elements include the following: 

– Magnesium (Mg) .45-.9% 

– Silicon (Si) .20-.6%

The “T” after a series designation of aluminum refers to the type of thermal treatment or tempering the aluminum extrusion has received. Tempering is the heating of the aluminum to change its characteristics, most commonly to increase strength. The T6 tempering process includes a solution treatment, quenching, and artificial aging.

The solution treatment will require heating to 1000 F for a few hours followed by quenching, or drastically cooling the part. From there, it is reheated to 300 to 400 F. The T6 tempering process will increase an alloys strength up to 30%.

Placing an Order with Parco

Placing an order with us is easily done once you know how to read our part numbers. 

When reading our part numbers you will see a letter at the beginning. This letter designates what type of part it is. If you look to the two columns to the left above, you will see all the letter designations for our parts.

The last number in the part number is the series to which the part belongs to. For profiles, 1 through 6 will be used. As for fasteners, they use the number 0. For the numbers 8 and 9, those will be for either a transition or universal part. For example, the part number H20302 is a hardware part that belongs to the 15 Series. 

Three Ways to Order

When ordering with Parco, you can submit an order one of three ways: 

Send in Your Details: Fax 260-451-0843 or email sales@parco-inc.com

SolidWorks Drawing: We can create a CAD drawing and send you a PDF. 3D drawings are available upon request.

Finished Product: We will professionally assemble your solution upon design approval and send the product to you in kit for with a tag drawing.

Contact us today to learn more about structural aluminum extrusions and how we can help you design and build your next solution.


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