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What is Aluminum Extrusion?

Aluminum Extrusion is a technique that takes aluminum alloy and converts it into various types of aluminum profiles that have a definitive cross-section. They are shaped in numerous ways depending on what the aluminum extrusion will be used for.  

Is Aluminum that has been extruded strong?

Extruded aluminum is an extremely strong material capable of handling high capacity applications. Aluminum extrusions are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings for workstations, climate enclosures, stairs, and platforms as well as many other material handling applications.  

What is the difference between aluminum extrusion and cast aluminum?

Aluminum is an extremely adaptable metal that is an excellent option for a number of manufacturing methods. Two of the main methods of working with aluminum are casting and extrusion. Aluminum casting is when molten aluminum is poured into a mold and allowed to harden. Aluminum extrusion is a process by where aluminum is forced through a cutting die which shapes it to a specific cross-section. For example, a “t-slot aluminum extrusion” is forced through a die that creates an aluminum bar with a “t-slot” groove down the center.  

Is Aluminum stronger than steel?

Even though there is the possibility of weakening through rust and corrosion,  Steel is less likely to deform or bend under high weight applications, with force or heat, so steel is still stronger than aluminum. Unfortunately, the strength trade-off is offset by the weight as steel is over 2 ½ times denser than aluminum.  

Pound for pound, Is Aluminum stronger than steel?

Depending on the specific alloy and processing technique, aluminum can be made just as strong as some steel. Because it is ⅓ the weight of steel, manufacturers can make it very thick and still have it lighter than steel. Due to this, aluminum is often used in vehicle manufacturing and other applications where having strength and lighter weight is crucial.

Aluminum Alloy Grading System

To understand the various strengths of aluminum, it is important to understand what aluminum alloy is and the various designations commonly used. These series designations typically range between 1000 through 7000+ Aluminum Alloy is the combination of various elements into pure aluminum in the molten form to change the characteristics of aluminum. These properties can be strength, corrosion resistance, formability, etc. Depending on what elements are added determines the series and number used.

Pure Aluminum – 1000 series

Pure aluminum, 99% or higher, is designated by the 1000 series. This series has high thermal and electrical conductivity and is commonly used for large electrical wires such as those used for the national power grid. Common designations in this series are 1100 for food packaging and 1350 for electrical.

Aluminum Alloy – 2000 series – Copper Added

In the 2000 series of aluminum alloy, copper is the main element used in the alloying process. Through adding copper, the aluminum gains some strength and hardness. It tends to corrode easier so it is often covered with a higher purity alloy or a corrosive resistant alloy like one from the 6000 series.  

Aluminum Alloy – 3000 series – Manganese and Magnesium Added

The 3000 series is a general all-purpose alloy with moderate strength. This is commonly found in aluminum soda cans and cars and some HVAC parts.  

Aluminum Alloy – 4000 series – Silicone Added

The 4000 series has silicone added to it to lower the melting point. These alloys are commonly used as aluminum fillers for numerous commercial applications.  

Aluminum Alloy – 5000 series – Magnesium Added

The 5000 series aluminum is one of the most used alloys because of its excellent properties such as strength, weldability, and corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in military, building, and marine applications.  

Aluminum Alloy – 6000 series – Silicone and Magnesium Added

The 6000 series aluminum alloy is an extremely versatile, moderate strength, highly formable, and corrosion resistance alloy. These are often a common choice for building and architectural components.   

Parco Uses 6063 T6 Alloy for Its Aluminum Extrusions

For Parco’s aluminum extrusions, we use 6063 T6 aluminum alloy. Because of its excellent characteristics, 6063 is the most popular type of alloy used in aluminum extrusion. It is commonly referred to as “Architectural Aluminum”. It features good strength, corrosion resistance, workability, and weldability.  

Aluminum Alloy – 7000 series – Zinc Added

The 7000 series has extremely high strength and is heat treatable. often called “aircraft alloy” is often used in the commercial airline industry.   

What does the T stand for in aluminum?

The “T” after a series designation of aluminum refers to the type of thermal treatment or tempering the aluminum extrusion has received. Tempering is the heating of the aluminum to change its characteristics, most commonly to increase strength.
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