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T-Slot Aluminum: Perimeter Guarding

Aluminum Machine and Perimeter Guarding

Within the industrial setting, keeping employees and equipment safe is very important for a company. However, more often than not, safety precautions are neglected until an incident occurs. The reason for this was generally due to the time and the initial cost involved in providing machine and perimeter guarding. Before t-slotted aluminum extrusions were available, welded steel was used in creating protective barriers and machine guarding. As time passed and the popularity of modular aluminum framing grew, companies began integrating the material into the manufacturing landscape for perimeter fencing, machine guards, safety enclosures, and more. Below is a list of safety structures that can be built with Parco’s aluminum t-slot.

It is important to note that maintaining a safe work environment is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA). The above not only provides safety but also improves productivity, up-time and minimizes employee turnover. Here are some of the advantages to integrating guarding, along with information regarding OSHA machine guarding standards.

Advantages of Machine and Perimeter Guarding

Of those mentioned above, a t-slot machine guard or a t-slot perimeter guard are some of the most common safety structures. T-slot is a popular choice to use when protecting a machine, robot, conveyor systems, or automated cells. Because of its ease of assembly, durability and multiple configurations, t-slotted aluminum framing has become the go-to material. There are also a variety of accessories to utilize from colored mesh and plexiglass to locks and safety hangers.

Guarding can be placed anywhere on a manufacturing floor, as well as being removed and reconfigured to suit ever-changing industrial environments. Whether it’s one new piece of equipment or an entire line being retooled, t-slotted aluminum makes the job cost-effective, meets OSHA standards, and is easily assembled or reassembled. Here are a few reasons to buy Parco’s aluminum perimeter guarding, either as a whole unit or as separate panels.

Durable and Flexible

The longevity of a t-slot guard or a t-slot perimeter guard is an important factor. T-slotted aluminum is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant material. In regards to maintenance, redesign, or expansion, its flexibility is unmatched. Another benefit of aluminum t-slot is that profiles, along with their connectors and fasteners, absorb vibration regularly found in industrial settings.

Preventing Damage and Preventing Loss

Keeping people out and machines in will aid in damage protection and loss prevention. Physical and visual perimeters provide a neat and clean appearance, especially in regards to 6S standards. With a t-slot machine guard and perimeter fencing, the workplace will stay lean, safe and organized.

Proper Protection

To meet OSHA standards, a company must design a layout that will prevent injuries to employees. Did you know that OSHA also requires that guarding be provided over dangerous machinery even if there is no risk of falling into it. The modular nature of t-slotted aluminum systems makes them perfect for creating and implementing a custom solution in a relatively short amount of time.

OSHA Standards

Injuries and fines are the results of inadequate preventative measures. T-slotted aluminum must integrate with all safety components and design layouts, as well as accommodate maintenance and repairs. In regards to machine guarding, General Industry Standard (29 CFR 1910) states that it must be provided to protect operators and employees in the machine area. The guarding is there to prevent injury from hazards at points of operation, rotation of parts, sparks, and debris.

Guarding must be attached to the machine where possible and if not, it must be affixed in a way that itself does not become a hazard. With an aluminum t-slot, you can easily customize it to suit your equipment and the area in which the operator will be located. If properly designed, aluminum t-slot extrusion can provide increased efficiency and productivity as well as sustain employee safety.

We hope the above information has helped you learn more about safety structures, particularly t-slotted machine guarding and perimeter guarding. If you should have further questions about safety structures, feel free to reach out to us at 800-817-0617 and let us help you get started or design your guarding layout for you.



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