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covid guards


COVID-19 changed the landscape of the workplace in every industry across the world. From social distancing to wearing masks and new cleaning protocols, companies continue to adjust to provide the safest work environment for their employees and clients. 

Since the beginning, one material has been utilized most often, and that has been the aluminum t-slot. It continues to provide an array of solutions to help combat the spread of the virus. Some of the protective solutions include:

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards help in social distancing by providing a protective barrier between employees and customers. T-slot sneeze guards can be made with clear acrylic or polycarbonate panels that are easy to clean and sanitize. 

Sneeze guards can be built as partial or full barriers. Due to aluminum’s lightweight characteristics, sneeze guards can either sit on the floor or counters, hang from the ceiling, or be mounted to most any structure.   

Partition Walls

Simple protective guarding between workstations or desks are an easy way to help with social distancing measures. Panels can be transparent or opaque, helping with either privacy or creativity. 

Partitions made with t-slot can either be expanded or downsized to meet the environment’s needs. Temporary rooms or workspaces can easily be constructed from t-slot to either be stationary or mobile.

Hand Sanitizer Stands

 Stands for hand sanitizer have become necessary in almost all workplaces. Whether for clients or employees, t-slot aluminum hand sanitizer stands are easily constructed, stable, and mobile. The sanitizer can be mounted to the frame and sat almost anywhere the stand will fit. Stands can be made any size, shape, or color. They can also have casters added so that they can be mobile if needed. 

Foot Plates for Doors

T-slot uses a multitude of hardware and fasteners. With COVID-19, it was realized that a simple L-bracket, a small grooved plate, and a few bolts help to create a foot plate. With foot plates, clients and employees can simply use the toe of their shoes to pull the door open rather than their hands. This hands-free option is great for bathrooms or entries with a lot of traffic.

Partial to Full Enclosures

For larger spaces, partial to full enclosures are helpful for several applications where a person or persons will be stationed. Some examples are:

Communication Boards

With COVID-19 came the need to express the needs of the workplace. Communication boards made with t-slot aluminum are light and can be mobile to display rules or requirements. From classrooms to entry points, communication boards are helpful reminders for clients and employees. 

Benefits of COVID-19 Solutions

There are several benefits to providing t-slot aluminum COVID-19 solutions in the workplace, and they are:  

  • T-slot is modular and can be made specifically to fit a particular setting.
  • All surfaces can be decontaminated with ease, from the aluminum profiles to the panels, and hardware.
  • Provides a visual barrier that is aesthetically pleasing while helping to remind clients and employees to social distance.
  • The aluminum t-slot is lightweight and can be moved post assembly if needed elsewhere.

Beyond COVID-19, the solutions above are just a few that showcase the capabilities of t-slotted aluminum. T-slot is an industrial material used in a variety of settings to provide machine guarding, work tables and stations, utility carts, cabinets, and more. 

At Parco, we provide t-slot aluminum profiles, hardware, fasteners, accessories, panels, and doors for any application, big or small. COVID-19 has proven that t-slot is one of the most adaptable materials. Our product line is 100% compatible with others, and we offer free customization. We have no minimum order quantity, so whether you need one solution or a hundred, we can help. Feel free to contact us to learn more.


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  • This was the first time I tried Parco-inc. for one of my t-slot projects. It was easy to find what I needed and order on the website. I got the parts quickly and the quality was great, so I will be buying here from now on!
  • I use ALOT of these little anchor faster, every month. My regular vendor was out of stock, and so I found Parco and ordered from them. The fasteners arrived quickly, we're high quality, and they even worked with me on a bulk discounted price. 10/10 in all areas!!
  • I am a small business and needed the t slot in a hurry. They processed my order, cut to size and shipped in less then 36 hours and 2 days before Christmas. Wonderful customer service. Thank you
  • Just awesome. Great customer service and response to questions, all cuts and pieces exactly like I ordered, extrusions seem like quality, fast shipping, and well packed to protect the items. I can't say enough about the quality and service. Will order again.
  • Really good quality aluminum i can feel the difference between it and other parts i ordered from china also the measurements was on point