T-Slot Platforms, Stairs, and Crossovers

Aluminum Platforms, Stairs, and Crossovers

At Parco, we offer several pre-engineered solutions for industrial aluminum platforms, stairs, and crossovers. Our aluminum stair kits are easily assembled, modular, and meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements to provide safe walkways. These solutions are used in a variety of settings to gain access above or below pipes, machinery, and other obstacles. Some of our prefabricated solutions include:

23 in x 30 in x 62 in Aluminum Industrial Stairs

16 in x 84 in x 81 in Aluminum Platform Stairs

30 in x 132 in x 105 in Aluminum Industrial Platform

26.75 in x 110 in x 66.25 in Aluminum Crossover Platform

One of Parco’s many specialties is providing industrial t-slotted aluminum platforms, stairs, and crossover solutions that are OSHA and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant. From manufacturing environments and automotive settings to medical industries, we use t-slotted aluminum extrusion technology to build the framing systems for our stairways.

T-slotted aluminum extrusions offer strength, durability, modularity, corrosion resistance, and a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish to any workplace environment. Our prefabricated stairs use GRIP STRUT stair treads that have serrated teeth and diamond-shaped openings. GRIP STRUT helps to ensure a safe, slip-resistant surface for climbing and walking. Below are more details about our industrial t-slotted aluminum platforms, stairs, and crossovers.

TREAD MATERIAL: Galvanized GRIP STRUT with diamond-shaped openings and Perforated GRIP STRUT

PLATFORMS: Custom sizes are standard, therefore there is no extra cost or lead-time.

STYLES: Ladder, Step, Crossover, Way Crossover


Kit Form – the solution arrives completely cut and machined to specifications with a tag drawing to help with assembly at the location

Pre-Assembled – the solution arrives in sections and can be easily installed at the location; this is especially helpful if the solution is too big to ship fully assembled

Assembled – the solution arrives completely assembled and ready to install at the location

When it comes to t-slotted aluminum platforms, stairs, and crossovers, construction has to be done carefully and adhere to certain standards. With so many types of stairs, how do you know which standards are to be followed?

Depending on the intended environment, stairs can be designed to comply with different regulations. Regulatory agencies distinguish between stairs and their application, whether they be for commercial environments or industrial. Below we will explain industrial t-slotted aluminum platforms, stairs, and crossovers and their related safety code.

Industrial Stairs and Their Safety Regulations

Many companies and manufacturing settings have private areas (assembly lines, machine shops, maintenance departments) that are private and not for public use. Areas not designated for public use are generally locked to the public and only accessible by employees with key cards. Any type of platforms, stairs, and crossovers in these areas are not bound by the International Building Code (IBC).

Instead, OSHA and ANSI provide the Fixed Industrial Stair regulations (1910.24). These regulations govern the design and construction of interior and exterior stairs that will be used to access any machines, equipment, tanks, elevated platforms, or multiple floors (above and below).

To be OSHA compliant, industrial platforms, stairs, and crossovers must be strong and capable of carrying a load five times greater than the anticipated load (never less than 1,000 lbs.) Handrails and guardrails must be able to withstand a minimum of 200 pounds of pressure (applied from any direction from any point). Other regulations include:

  • Must be a minimum of 22 in wide
  • The rise and tread are dictated by the angle of the stairway’s rise
  • Risers are allowed to be open (to a certain height)
  • Handrails and guardrails are mandatory
  • Gaps are allowed between rails

The adherence to these regulations keeps the workplace OSHA compliant and productive, and most importantly, they keep employees safe. All t-slotted aluminum platforms, stairs, and crossovers can be painted or modified with accessories, panels, locking gates, etc., as long as the finished product adheres to OSHA regulations. For example, OSHA allows open gaps between rails; however, if a client wanted to fill the gaps with expanded wire mesh, they could do so.

At Parco, our capabilities allow us to design industrial aluminum platforms, stairways, and crossovers to meet any application needs. Our turnaround time on design concepts is 2 to 3 days and includes CAD drawings. Finished products will ship in 7 to 10 days from the date of the purchase order.

We do the above with no design cost and at a competitive price. For kits and pre-assembled units, we include a tag drawing to help with assembly at the location. If you would like more information on our pre-engineered platforms, stairs, or crossovers, feel free to contact us. We also offer custom-designed solutions if you don’t see one that works for you.  

OSHA stair crossover platform
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