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Our Aluminum T-Slot kit form solutions save you precious time and money.

Here at Parco, Inc., we receive inquiries on a daily basis from customers who need assistance in finding the best way to go about procuring their custom, t-slotted aluminum solution. Although every situation is unique, many of our customers are constrained by specific needs in regards to shipment size, assembly requirements, or availability of space. This is why our “kitting” process is a popular choice for those not willing to fabricate a solution themselves or have it entirely pre-assembled and shipped from our facility.

What exactly is our “kit form”? It’s simple! Our design engineers take an idea and re-create it in 3D model form using our exclusive 3D Solidworks plug-in. From this model, our machining department is given a cut list which we will then use at our facility to fabricate each order to exact specifications. We then tag and package these items together to match a corresponding parts list and tagged drawing which will be sent with the order. When the package arrives, the customer will find they simply need to assemble the final solution to match the tagged 3D drawings and isometrics given.

So what benefit does ordering in kit form provide? There are many reasons to consider ordering in this fashion. Firstly, it allows our design engineers to model an idea free of charge; which ultimately saves time, effort, and any headaches associated with taking a product from concept to reality. Secondly, we handle all of the machining processes in house. This eliminates the need for the customer to do any of the fabrication on their end. All that will be required is the final assembly. This also has the beneficial side effect of reducing lead times. Those customers who order in kit form can expect to receive their items more quickly than those who would have them fully assembled. Thirdly, the cost of shipping will be greatly reduced in many cases, since the unit will arrive to the customer un-assembled. Sending the product out as component parts instead of a completed unit allows our shipping team to reduce the overall dimensions of freight shipments and, in some circumstances, allows us to ship via UPS as an alternative. For customers who do not have access to a freight dock or where space is a concern, ordering in kit form will illustrate its merits. Lastly, a customer who is willing to put in a bit of time assembling a solution themselves will ultimately save a buck or two by doing so.

In conclusion, kit form products have a definitive place as a core focus for our team here at Parco, Inc. Our normal lead times for standard sized kits usually range from 3-5 days with expediting as an option. For questions, inquiries, or help with your next design, please visit www.parco-inc.com, email customerservice@parco-inc.com, or call 1-800-817-0617. Our customer service specialists and design engineers are ready to assist you on your next project.


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