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We’re happy to report that we are busy working on a number of new, exciting projects! We will now be offering even more aluminum extrusion profiles to fit any number of different application needs! You can find these profiles in our most recent catalog and in our online store. For any other inquiries into these items, please feel free to call our customer service or design departments and they can update you on pricing, stock lengths, and lead times. Here is a quick listing of the extrusions and their corresponding part numbers:

In other news, continuing on our momentum of the first quarter, we are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of bringing two additional quoters into our design department. This will allow us to increase our capacity while decreasing the amount of time it takes to turn quotes.

Firstly, Miguel Magallanes is making the transition from our assembly department into design. With over a year and a half of assembly experience, Miguel has worked with our product line on a daily basis and this experience proves a valuable asset.

Secondly, Brian Miller has joined our team here in April as our 4th full-time design engineer. Brian brings multiple years of experience applying our products to safety guarding applications via Solidworks. Ultimately, we hope that this move is extremely beneficial for both current and prospective customers!


This edition of our product solution spotlight is going to take a look at a recent project we completed in-house. As is typical for most of our projects, this customer asked us to assist them in the implementation of a custom solution from concept to fully assembled product. In this instance, the needs of the customer were translated into a mobile, ergonomic wrapping station complete with custom-sized drawers, pegboard, working surface, and adjustable wrapping paper extension. Using customer-supplied information for sizes and dimensions, our design team used our Solidworks plug-in to render the station in its entirety.

After gaining customer approval, our design department once again confirms our bill of materials generated from the Solidworks software as an internal check and gives our fabrication team the green light to begin the next step of our process. Cutting, milling, routing, and all other machining processes are done in-house. After completion, all extrusion, panel, and part components reach our assembly area. Using tagged bubble drawings and orthographic projections, we’re able to build the final unit to the exact specifications as required by the customer. These specifications are verified during our final quality inspection and a sign-off at this stage will send the unit to be prepared for shipping.

Using a customer-specified drawing, our design department can take any idea from concept to reality. For more information on our custom T-slotted aluminum solutions, click here.


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