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t-slotted aluminum extrusion welding machine safety guard robotic weld cell

Parco Inc. has built and designed hundreds of machine safety guards and robotic weld cells with our modular t-slotted extrusion. Our customers find them strong, safe, and well designed to meet their applications.

This medium sized production machining and welding company produces reliable parts for agricultural, marine, heavy construction equipment, and the lawn care industry.

Parco was called upon to design and build a product that would keep employees safe from the moving parts of the robot and to protect operators from the weld arc. We used our T-slotted aluminum extrusion to create a barrier around the weld robot that meets OSHA approved UV light block requirements. This application was quickly installed by the customer in less than a day. All panels are pre-engineered and built with a 1” x 1” PVC coated wire mesh on the inside and a tinted weld screen on the exterior.

Materials Used
E1515LS T-slotted aluminum profile
H24729 1” x 1” PVC coated steel wire mesh
H24002 steel feet
Standard stock connectors & hardware
PVC weld curtain (available in amber, dark gray, red)

robotic weld cell t-slotted aluminum extrusion safety guard


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