T-Slot Sound Enclosures

Industrial Sound Enclosures

T-slotted enclosures are used in many settings for various reasons. From flying debris to suppressing dangerous fumes and fluids, enclosures provide a solution for applications in the manufacturing, medical, scientific, and other environments. Enclosures can even help with sound abatement and hearing protection. In-plant sound enclosures are available in either partial or encapsulated types.

Partial sound enclosure: two, three, or four-sided without a roof

Encapsulated sound enclosure: four-sided with a roof (when mounted provides a 6 sided enclosure)

Sound enclosures made with t-slot aluminum can be mounted to the floor or ceiling, wall-mounted, or suspended from roof decking. Typical enclosures for noise reduction will include the following characteristics:

  • Rooftop vent baffle and side ventilation baffle
  • View window
  • Floor and base supports
  • Sound absorber/noise barrier curtain panel
  • Rooftop panel and valance

Sound Enclosure Applications

From compressors and pumps to isolation and controlled test environments, sound enclosures can be used in the following applications:

– Control Rooms
– Noise Barriers
– Sound Booths
– Generator Enclosures
– RFI Shielding
– Factory Offices
– Quality Control Chambers

What Does a Sound Enclosure Do?

Ultimately, sound enclosures reduce noise by dampening it. Sound waves that are above 85 decibels are quite harmful to individuals who work in environments with loud machinery. From headaches to insomnia and other health concerns, noise can be a workplace hazard. Sound enclosures can also help to reduce the effects of vibration from equipment. Below we have listed out common equipment and their decibel levels to get an idea of what is considered harmful to the ears.

Chop saw – 105 decibels

Chainsaws – 110 decibels

Hammer drills – 115 decibels

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sets limits for occupational noise exposure in the workplace. These limits are based on an average 8 hour day with noise levels permitted to 90 decibels over the course of the day.

Sound enclosures help companies and governments adhere to federal ordinances both indoors and outdoors. For indoor applications, acoustic enclosures provide a quiet place for people to meet, or they may be used to surround loud equipment, keeping noise in.

Industrial Noise Control

Noise can unfortunately do more than just harm the ears. In a work setting, noise can cause distraction and slow productivity. Excess noise can also cause irritability. Due to this, it is important to control, reduce, contain, or eliminate the source of the noise.

Whether it’s hearing protection or sound enclosures, the source of the noise must be dealt with in order to maintain a safe work environment. When a noise problem already exists in the workplace, one of the easiest ways to correct the problem is with a t-slotted aluminum sound enclosure.

Parco Sound Enclosures

Aluminum extrusion profiles work perfectly to create sound enclosure solutions for your workplace. T-slot framework offers modularity, durability, and customization. At Parco, we use a combination of t-slots with many panel options such as:

  • ABS
  • Polycarbonate
  • Fabric
  • Combination of the above

From labs to clean rooms and company break rooms, Parco has a solution pre-engineered for you. Below we have listed some of our enclosure solutions, many of which can be adapted for sound dampening.

60 in x 108 in x 89 in Small Parts Inspection Room with Sliding Door and Overhead Light

144 in x 144 in x 95 in Inspection Room with Enclosure with Sliding Door and Lighting

120 in x 198 in x 86 in Aluminum Climate Controlled Gauging Room with HDPE and Clear Panels

88 in x 147 in x 110 in Climate Controlled CMM Room with Double Door Access

189 in x 192 in x 98 in Climate Controlled In-Plant Break Room with HDPE and Clear Panels

12 ft x 29 ft x 95 in Climate Controlled Plant Internal Break Room

With our design, machining, and packaging capabilities, we can either provide a pre-engineered sound enclosure for you or help custom design one for your application. Our design team can create a concept, or we can use yours and provide drawings and an estimate for your review.

Once we agree on a design, our shop machinists can cut, machine, and package your sound enclosure in three options: kit form, pre-assembled, or fully assembled. If you choose a kit form or pre-assembled solution, you will receive tag drawings to help with assembly. For fully assembled, the structure will arrive ready to install. 

If you do not see a solution that suits your needs, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you design a solution right for you.


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