Alloy – 6063*, T6 Temper
Yield Strength – Mpa = 200
0.2% Proof Stress – ksi = 29
Tensile Strength – Mpa = 230
0.2% Proof Stress – ksi = 33

Elasticity (E) – approximately 10,000,000 lbs./sq/in.
Hardness – Webster Model “B” 11-12
Flatness – .004” per inch of width
Straightness – .0125” per foot of length, not to exceed .120 inches over 20 feet of length
Twist – Twist per foot of length does not exceed .25° and total twist over 20 feet of length does not exceed 1.5°


All PARCO structural extrusions have a 2° taper that spring locks fasteners as they are tightened. Fasteners will not loosen, even under heavy vibration.




The table (below) indicated the amount of torque needed in foot lbs. to activate the 2°drop lock feature of the extrusion. The nut and bolt combination is pre-loaded when tightened to the minimum torque rating. The pre-loaded state makes a vibration-proof connection.




An aluminum extrusion alloy is a predetermined mixture of one or more elements together with aluminum to be heated and hydraulically pressed through an extrusion die. Some common elements alloyed with aluminum include copper, magnesium, manganese, chromium, silicon, iron, nickel and zinc.  PARCO extrusions use the 6063 alloy. In addition to aluminum, the major alloying elements for this alloy include Mg .45-.9% and Si .20-.6%.

Being a full-service manufacturer, we can send you raw materials (Parts and Extrusion):

  • with no machining
  • in kit form, machined to your specifications and ready for you to assemble
  • or fully assembled by us for you.

We also have our own line of t-slotted aluminum extrusions that allows for the modularity, flexibility, and strength that industry needs today.



Linear adjustment in X, Y, and Z-axis
All fractional extrusions are on 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, or 1 1/2” center lines. All Metric extrusions are on 30mm, 40mm, and 45mm centerlines 
All Metric extrusions are on 10mm, 15mm, 2.5mm, and 30mm centerlines
Use fractional or metric sized fasteners
Lightweight and easy to use
Fractional extrusions are stocked in 92”, 120”, and 240” lengths
Metric extrusions are stocked in 2.33M, 6M, or specified in profile lengths
No welding required to assemble your design, which means no heat stress or warping
Easy to fabricate
Add to your design or change it at any time – flexibility is the key

*As a partner with an extruder, there are many other alloys that we can extrude. If your application calls for a different alloy, let us know and we can extrude it for you.


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  • Great parts, and shipped quickly! Shipped in less than a week, even with my custom machining being done (as compared to 6-8 weeks with other suppliers).
  • This was the first time I tried Parco-inc. for one of my t-slot projects. It was easy to find what I needed and order on the website. I got the parts quickly and the quality was great, so I will be buying here from now on!
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