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T-Slot Fastening Methods

Without a strong foundation, a structure will not last very long. The same can be said about t-slot framing and the fasteners that hold it together. All structures have proper components that are required to put them together, and holding it all together is the key to the final structure’s strength and functionality. 

When designing and building t-slotted workstations, utility carts, furniture, and more, there are several ways to fasten the aluminum framing. Below we are going to explore various fastening methods for your t-slot aluminum profiles.

Standard T-Slot Fasteners

As one of the most common fastening methods, standard fasteners consist of a bolt and a t-nut. The tabs on the t-nut help to align the profiles and keep the pieces from rotating. This simple fastening method creates a very rigid joint. A machined or tapped hole will be required on the end of one profile to allow for fastening the t-nut and the bolt together. 

Universal Connectors

Universal connectors provide some adjustability for connections that are 90 degrees. This fastener is made up of a universal casting and a bolt. Max strength can be achieved in one direction as well as a completely adjustable joint position with a drop in t-nut. Machining will also be needed for this fastening method.

Aluminum Joining Plates – No Machining Needed

If you do not have the time or ability to machine, then joining plates are a great alternate fastening method. This method requires joining plates, bolts, and t-nuts. Joining plates are used to connect profiles in two configurations: corner and T pattern. To increase strength at the joints, joining plates can be used with other fastening methods.

T-Slot Gusset Fasteners

T-Slot Gussets add extra support for strength to ensure a high-strength joint on 90-degree connections. These can be used alone or in addition to another fastening method for increased strength. A gusset, t-nuts, and bolts will be needed for the connection.

Other Fastening Methods

Other fastening methods to consider are:

  • Anchor fastener
  • End fastener
  • T-Slot Brackets

Anchor fasteners are great for durability and strength. These fasteners are vibration-proof. End fasteners are also durable, and with a small machining or tapped hole, these fasteners will give a solution a clean aesthetic. Like joining plates and gussets, corner brackets do not require machining or tapping holes. These are great for time-sensitive projects and modularity. 

Fastening Method Tips

When building solutions with t-slot aluminum profiles, the fasteners are the key components that will provide strength, durability, function, and aesthetics. Below we have listed tips that will help with your next project. 

  • The use of standard and universal fasteners will allow for more aesthetically pleasing solutions 
  • Standard and universal fastening methods, although they require machining or tapping holes, have great strength.
  • There are multiple fastening methods for a variety of applications. If you aren’t sure what you need, feel free to contact us 
  • When machining is not an option, joining plates, corner brackets, and gussets can be used instead to assemble the solution
  • With universal fasteners and gussets, movement along the profile is possible. 

There are multiple types of fasteners that can be used with t-slot. At Parco, we have a wide range of fastener choices such as:

A key takeaway with fastening methods is that they come in two types, internal and external. Each type has its own benefits.


  • T-slot Fastener is recessed
  • Fewer parts for assembly
  • It will not affect aesthetics
  • Requires machining
  • Can create hidden connections


  • Mounts to face of the profile
  • Generally, no machining required
  • Easy to implement
  • Allows for a quick install
  • Able to creates various angles
  • It can be used in addition to other fastening methods
  • Capable of connecting more than two profiles

When we are designing a solution for you, we perform fastener application tests. These tests allow us to see how many pounds the profile and fastening method can handle at three points: direct force, cantilevered, and torsional force. 

To learn more about fasteners and fastening methods, contact us to learn more. We do not have a minimum order policy, so whether you need one fastener or one hundred, we can deliver. Our products are compatible with others, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, we are happy to help. 

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