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Comparing Solutions for Industrial Safety

Safety guarding is essential in industrial environments, where the protection of workers and machinery is paramount. T-Slot aluminum, with its modular and customizable design, is commonly used in the construction of safety guards. Two popular materials used in conjunction with T-Slot aluminum for safety guarding are wire mesh and Lexan. This article will compare these two materials, exploring their properties, advantages, and ideal applications.

T-Slot Wire Mesh Safety Guarding

OSHA perimeter guardingWire mesh safety guarding, as the name suggests, incorporates wire mesh panels into a T-Slot aluminum frame. This type of guarding is a common choice due to its several advantageous properties.

Strength and Durability

Wire mesh guards are robust and highly durable. The wire mesh, often made of steel, can withstand significant impact without damage. This makes it an excellent choice for guarding machinery that may produce high-force debris or particles.


Wire mesh guards provide good visibility while maintaining a physical barrier. Workers can monitor machinery and processes without direct exposure to potential hazards.


Wire mesh allows for excellent airflow, making it suitable for applications where heat dissipation or ventilation is necessary.


Wire mesh is generally more cost-effective than other guarding materials, making it a popular choice for large or budget-constrained projects.

T-Slot Lexan Safety Guarding

acrylic machine enclosureLexan is a type of polycarbonate plastic known for its impressive strength and clarity. It provides a more comprehensive barrier than wire mesh and is often used for safety guards where maximum protection and visibility are required.

High Impact Resistance

Lexan is virtually unbreakable and can absorb high levels of impact without shattering, making it a safe and reliable choice for guarding machinery with high-speed moving parts.


Lexan guards provide superior visibility compared to wire mesh. Its transparency is comparable to glass, allowing for unobstructed observation of machinery and processes.

Noise Reduction

Lexan can help reduce noise transmission, making it a suitable choice for applications where machinery generates significant noise.


Lexan can be easily cut and molded into various shapes, making it adaptable to complex guarding requirements.

Choosing Between Wire Mesh and Lexan Guarding

The choice between wire mesh and Lexan for T-Slot safety guarding depends on the specific requirements of your industrial application.

Wire mesh guards are a good choice for environments where durability, ventilation, and cost-effectiveness are prioritized. They are well-suited to applications where the machinery does not produce small, high-speed debris that could pass through the mesh openings.

On the other hand, Lexan guards are the better choice for applications requiring high visibility, noise reduction, and protection from high-speed debris. Lexan’s high impact resistance and clarity make it ideal for guarding high-speed machinery, such as CNC machines, milling machines, and robotic assembly units.

T-Slot wire mesh and Lexan safety guards both offer effective solutions for protecting workers and machinery in industrial environments. Your choice between the two will depend on your specific needs regarding visibility, ventilation, noise reduction, impact resistance, and budget. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure you select the right T-Slot safety guarding solution for your industrial workspace.


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