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Aluminum Workstations 

From basic to complex, t-slot workstations come in a variety of designs. When setting up a workspace, whether in a logistics area for shipping and receiving or on an assembly line, workstations made with aluminum t-slot help provide a lean, productive environment.

Aluminum t-slot workstations can be customized to suit any setting, as well as save you time and money. Whether the workstation needs casters for mobility or a parts bin to help hold inventory for an assembly process, customization options are limitless. Below we will discuss mobility, modularity, and accessory choices.

Workstation Mobility

Sometimes a workstation will need to move from place to place. Often in manufacturing environments, complex processes require a workstation that can move with the process. Workstations made with aluminum extrusion t-slot will easily move because it is made from a lightweight material, and a wide variety of casters can be added to allow movement.

T-Slot Modularity

When it comes to lean solutions, they are always evolving. T-slotted aluminum workstations can expand and grow or be downsized to suit your needs. With just a simple turn of a bolt, a workstation can have components added or removed, saving time and money because you don’t have to rebuy and waste what you already have.

T-Slot Accessories

Designing and customizing a workstation made with t-slot aluminum extrusion can be as easy with so many accessories to choose from. Accessories for t-slotted workstations can include:

Workstations can also come with panels or clear plexiglass to provide protection, have adjustable heights, and come with various surfaces like laminate or stainless steel. Literally, the design choices are unlimited and come in several packaging options. From kits to pre-assembled and assembled, t-slot aluminum workstations of almost any kind can be created to meet your workspace needs.

Benefits of a T-Slot Workstation

Workstations made from t-slot aluminum extrusion can improve efficiencies in the workplace. From reduced quality costs to better lead times and increased productivity, a custom workstation is an integral part of a lean strategy. With a lean workstation, you can optimize space and cut down on excess motion and effort.

Over the last three decades, ergonomics’ importance in the workplace has grown. Repetitive motion or excess movement can take a toll on the human body. T-slot aluminum workstations are durable and fully capable of adjusting and being reconfigured to suit a person’s height and job process. Ergonomics, safety, and efficiency are easily achieved with a well-designed workstation made with aluminum t-slot. Below we have listed a few more benefits of integrating a t-slotted aluminum workstation into your work setting.

  1. They cut down on reaching, which is one of the most common wasted motions.
  2. Aluminum acts as a conductor; therefore, a workstation can be grounded to channel an electric current.
  3. A mobile workstation can improve material handling process flows because you can take the station with you or lock it into place.
  4. Motorized lifts and tilted tops can be added to help with ergonomics and safety.
  5. They can reduce process times because inventory can be stored at the station.

Aluminum t-slotted extrusions are perfect for workstations because they are clean, strong, and corrosive resistant. Although Aluminum as a metal is considered weak, that is not the case with t-slot profiles. Their construction and assembly produce various solutions that are tough, durable, clean, and neat. T-slot extrusion is also easy to pack, ship, assemble, and disassemble. There’s no cutting or welding needed; just a turn from a wrench or drill will do.

T-slot aluminum extrusion is poised to become a product of choice for next-generation commercial applications.

We hope the above information has helped you learn more about designing and building a workstation with t-slotted aluminum. If you have any questions, please reach out to us through our contact page or give us a call at 1-800-817-0617 and let us help you.

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