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What is an Aluminum Extrusion?

To “extrude” something means to “force or press out”. Aluminum extrusion is the process by where aluminum alloy is heated up to approximately 900 degrees Fahrenheit and is forced into a die that cuts and squeezes it into a desired shape or profile. 

What is the process of creating an Aluminum Extrusion?

process of aluminum extrusionThe first part of the aluminum extrusion process is to create a die, which is a piece of metal that is used to make the shape of aluminum that is desired. The next step is to take a large piece of an aluminum cylindrical billet, heat it up to around 900 degrees Fahrenheit and then using a steel plunger, force it through the die. The extruded aluminum is laid upon a long table where it is then moved into a cooling area. Once cooled, the roughly shaped aluminum extrusion is then straightened and machined to precise measurements. Lastly, the aluminum extrusions are placed in aging ovens to heat and harden the aluminum. Check out this video that shows the aluminum extrusion process.


What is T-slot Aluminum?

The idea behind T-slot Aluminum is simple. Each piece of aluminum extrusion has a “t” shaped groove cut into it. This groove allows other pieces of aluminum with a “t” shaped tip to slide into it and lock it into place. This allows for multiple strong connecting possibilities without the need for welding. Once you slide the aluminum t-slots together you lock into place using a variety of t-slot fasteners.  Once you create the basic assembly with the aluminum extrusions, there are numerous ways to strengthen and expand upon your creation with t-slot hardware and accessories.

Aluminum T-Slot Categories

What can you make with T-Slots? 

T-slot aluminum is a modular framework that allows you to make most anything. In industry, it is commonly used to create Workstations, Material handling apparatus, Workdesks, Machine Guarding, Climate and Office Enclosures, and many many more. It is often called the “erector set for adults”.

100% Compatibility with All Leading Manufacturers’ Fractional and Metric T-Slotted Extrusions

Most series are depicted by a t-slot size number, for example, in fractional series, a 1″ extrusion is called the 10 series, 1.5″ extrusion is the 15 series, and then in our metric series, the aluminum profiles are named by the profile face length in mm. For example, the 30mm t-slot extrusion is the 30 series and so forth. When comparing these with other companies, match up the size and it will be compatible.

To accommodate both users of the metric and fractional sizes, Parco offers extrusions in the following sizes:

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Options

10 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 1 inch increments
15 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 1.5 inch increments

Metric Sizes

30 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 30mm increments
40 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 40mm increments
45 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 45mm increments

How do I get started using the Aluminum T-Slot Framing System?

If you have an idea of a t-slot design, then contact us and we will design it for free and let you know the best way to go about it. If you would like to do it on your own, the easiest way is to start by choosing your t-slot profile and size, and then use the main image menu in our t-slot online store to find the associated parts.


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