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What is T-Slot Aluminum Framing?

T-Slot Aluminum – Strong, Easy to Assemble, Cost-Effective

The T-slot framing system is an innovative and versatile solution that has completely transformed the way many industries approach design and assembly. By providing a modular, flexible, and cost-effective means of building, the T-slot framing system has been embraced by a wide variety of sectors including manufacturing, automation, retail displays, and more. Here’s a closer look at this remarkable system and its various applications.

Understanding T-Slot Framing

T-slot framing consists of extruded aluminum profiles with T-shaped slots that run along the length of the profiles. These slots allow T-nuts and other fasteners to slide into position and provide a customizable connection point for various components.

Benefits of T-Slot Framing

Modularity: T-slot framing allows for easy customization, with the ability to build structures tailored to specific needs.
Ease of Assembly: With no need for welding or specialized tools, the assembly is quick and straightforward.
Durability: Constructed from high-strength aluminum, T-slot profiles are both robust and lightweight.
Cost-Effective: The reusable nature of T-slot framing makes it a cost-effective solution for both small and large-scale projects.

T-Slot Components

Profiles: Available in various sizes and shapes, providing flexibility in design.
Fasteners: Includes T-nuts, screws, and other connectors, ensuring secure connections.
Accessories: Ranging from panels and doors to casters and handles, the possibilities are endless.

Applications of T-Slot Framing

Manufacturing and Industrial Automation
In industrial settings, T-slot framing is used to build workstations, machine frames, conveyors, and safety guards. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for rapidly changing manufacturing environments.

Retail Displays and Exhibits
The aesthetic appeal and customizable nature of T-slot framing have made it a preferred choice for retail displays and trade show exhibits. Its ability to be reconfigured saves both time and money.

Industrial Office Solutions
From furniture to organizational systems, T-slot framing provides an attractive and functional solution for home and office needs. The T-slot framing system has truly revolutionized the way structures are designed and assembled. With its unique combination of flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness, it offers an unparalleled solution for a wide array of applications. Whether for industrial use or creative projects, T-slot framing continues to prove its worth as a future-proof and innovative system. As businesses and individuals continue to discover its potential, the adoption of T-slot framing is set to grow even further.

Parco offers T-Slot Extrusions in Fractional and Metric Sizes.

To accommodate both users of the metric and fractional sizes, Parco offers extrusions in the following sizes:

Fractional U.S. Measurements – Grooved or Smooth profiles

Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Options

10 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 1-inch increments
15 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 1.5-inch increments

Metric Sizes

30 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 30mm increments
40 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 40mm increments
45 Series Aluminum – profiles based on 45mm increments

Why T-slot Aluminum is a Great Option For Your Framing Needs

One of the best features of T-Slot Framing is its versatility; the ability to build something and then add to it or subtract from it to meet the changing needs in your everyday business. You can easily disassemble it and build an entirely new solution altogether if desired.

Aluminum Framing Vs. Steel Framing

T-slot framing is often compared to steel framing and this is one of the areas where T-slot framing wins hands down. If you build in steel you need to weld and paint, so once you have fabricated a design that is what it will remain. If a functionality change is needed to accommodate your changing business needs, then you would have to purchase more steel and fabricate the new solution. 

In addition to flexibility, constructing aluminum framing tends to be cheaper than steel. The steel itself may cost less, but once you add the time and labor for cutting, welding, and painting, the t-slot aluminum framing is more economical.



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  • This was the first time I tried Parco-inc. for one of my t-slot projects. It was easy to find what I needed and order on the website. I got the parts quickly and the quality was great, so I will be buying here from now on!
  • I use ALOT of these little anchor faster, every month. My regular vendor was out of stock, and so I found Parco and ordered from them. The fasteners arrived quickly, we're high quality, and they even worked with me on a bulk discounted price. 10/10 in all areas!!
  • I am a small business and needed the t slot in a hurry. They processed my order, cut to size and shipped in less then 36 hours and 2 days before Christmas. Wonderful customer service. Thank you
  • Just awesome. Great customer service and response to questions, all cuts and pieces exactly like I ordered, extrusions seem like quality, fast shipping, and well packed to protect the items. I can't say enough about the quality and service. Will order again.
  • Everything came in as ordered. The amazing part was the care and awesome quality that was put into the packaging to insure they would not be damaged during shipment. I've never seen anything packed as good. Awesome job Parco!